Nick's Car Wash and Quick Lube on Haywood Rd. (near the 
mall) has been locally owned and operated since 1985.  Our
services include full-service car wash, full-service quick lube,
and detailing.  Feel free to browse our auto accessory area 
while you wait, or just relax with a free cup of coffee. 

Looking for a unique gift idea?  Consider a discount wash card 
or a gift card in any denomination you desire. 
 We are a member of WaterSavers with the                Don't forget to stop by on Wednesday for our      International Carwash Association. We conserve      Wonderful Wednesday discounts on all wash
 water by using a reclaim system that recycles            packages. We honor competitor's coupons
 treated water for future wash cycles. Nick's is             for wash services on all other operational
 proud to do it's part to be environmentally                   days (closed Sunday).
 Need your shoes shined? Have it done while             Check out our five or ten punch wash cards for
 you wait, or leave them to pick up later.                       significant discounts off our regular prices.
                   We are open Monday through Saturday from
       8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  We look forward to
                                                                       seeing you soon.
email me
   Phone: (864) 288-9500
Phone (864) 234-7462
Fax: (864) 232-9635
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